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Virtual Live & On-Demand Webinars

Webinars to Improve Your Trauma-Informed Practices & DEIB Initiatives

Check out our upcoming virtual live and on-demand webinars for leaders who want to explore trendy topics relevant to today’s world.

Trauma Awareness, Self-Care, & Resilience for Leaders

Leaders, executives, and others in upper managerial positions, especially within the United States, are burnt out. Overwhelm, frustration, fatigue, and inadequate support are just a few factors responsible for leaders resigning from the workplace, switching to other companies, and redefining what it means to lead. In fact, leaders are trading in harsh work environments for inclusive organizations that implement healthy workplace practices and care about their employees’ well-being. It is an understatement that many organizations must improve their policies and cultures. But like in most cases, one of the best ways to promote change is to begin with ourselves. This webinar is for leaders, whether they are solopreneurs or leaders of massive-sized teams, who want to become trauma-aware, better at practicing self-care, and resilient enough to withstand the most challenging moments.

Trauma-Conscious Facilitation for Presenters & Speakers

Presenters, speakers, and facilitators should aim to create spaces that are productive, yet safe. They should enable participants to have access to learning and to engage with one another respectfully while achieving their desired goals. Facilitating requires a greater focus on the people in the room aside from the facilitator. A facilitator should be mindful that there are different people with unique lived experiences and varying needs participating in the conversation they are leading. And that each person enters the conversation with history. Thus, facilitators need to be aware of issues that may arise, such as triggers that can stem from trauma. This webinar is for presenters, speakers, and facilitators who lead meetings, workshops, training, and other facilitated experiences with adults who want to understand the significance of being trauma-conscious in these spaces and how they can improve facilitated experiences.

Branding for a Black Women Audience

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