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The Tribe You’ll Feel at Home Within.

Hey, Sistas!

Your Sistastry Tribe is holding space for you.

You deserve

space and support.

friendship and community.

understanding and nonjudgement.

hope and comfort.

unconditional love.

Sistastry is going to provide you with that.

Sistastry (pronounced sis-tuh-stree)

is a virtual healing space and support community of Black women bosses and aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in fostering meaningful connections with fellow Sistas based on experiences rooted in trauma. Here, women with firsthand knowledge of these experiences can be their full selves, as they take up space for themselves. Our community is free to immerse themselves in several topics and conversations affecting their lives, find relatable narratives, share their stories, get tips on self-preservation, and form unbreakable sisterly bonds.

Membership benefits:

  • Weekly uplifting inspiration
  • Access to virtual live discussions featuring guest speakers
  • Weekly LIVE Penapy Sessions
  • Bi-Weekly Sistas Share LIVE Sessions
  • Discounted rates on special events
  • An outpouring of love, support, and accountability

Our Sistastry Tribe Opens Their Arms Late 2023

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