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Our Projects

At Siera Project Co., you’ll hear the word “project” a lot.

We use the term in two primary ways:

The term used for our deliverables

Our projects, the programs, products, and services we create, disrupt normalized behaviors and thought patterns taught by conditioning that stems from systemic oppression with the intention of validating the value that women, and more specifically Black women and women of different ethnic backgrounds, contribute to the world. We view our projects as our “assignments” for creating change. 

The word “project” as a verb and a term for empowerment

We empower women to project their authentic selves by unlearning disserving beliefs and stories and amplifying their voices so they can let their lights shine and truly step into their ultimate power.

Our projects represent the essence of the change we want to make in the world.

We start each project knowing that we’ll have to roll up our sleeves to make an efficient dent on society.

We don’t expect to see the change, we are the change.

And that’s on period.