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A picture of CEO and Founder Siera Suazo

Heyyy! I’m Siera Suazo, The CEO & Founder of Siera Project Co.

And that was the revelation I had as I discovered the impact healing can have on leading.

Experiencing complex trauma led me to become the giving, do-it-myself, resilient type. But when I became a CEO and Founder I quickly learned that while these qualities are great, I was going to need additional skills like being okay with asking for help to succeed. Like so many other Black women I know, I wore my resilience as a badge of honor when conquering hard tasks and armor when in need of protecting myself. Then I began exploring why I felt I needed to protect myself in the first place…along with other beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. I began unpacking the trauma I experienced and understanding how it showed up for me as a leader. And thus…

A picture of CEO and Founder Siera Suazo

So no, I don’t have a medical degree, nor am I a therapist. I am, however, a resilient, multi-faceted boss Black woman who helps other women maintain their resilience and stay in their power or recognize it for the first time. I value healing, authenticity, peace, and creativity, as much as I value myself, the people I love, and what I do. And lastly, I am a cultivator of ideas and projects that change the lives of women and disrupt social and economic norms.

In fact, my greatest project and mission is to help as many women globally as I can heal, remain resilient, and become their full authentic, powerful selves.

A picture of CEO and Founder Siera Suazo

You can think of me not only as the Leading Lady of this powerhouse, but as a trauma-conscious educator and the craftswoman of our projects.

I’m interested in helping you lead a life and career you can feel proud of and satisfied with. A life where leadership is more easily balanced with self-love and optimal health. I want you to pilot and manifest whatever version of life you envision for yourself with courage instead of fear. And I want to give you the support you deserve as a woman trying to flourish out of the past into an amazing future.

I created Siera Project Co. to address the most pressing needs I found as a Black woman trying to get her life together: 1) freedom from being overworked, underpaid, and unhappy; 2) healing from complex trauma and the constant exposure to traumatic situations as a result of simply existing in the world; and 3) independence from a work culture that doesn’t value women of color.

If you want these things too, you’re in the right place. Also, if you’re an organization seeking to understand how to communicate from a trauma-conscious lens, you’re also in the right place.

Siera Project Co. is a love letter to anyone who has ever experienced trauma and all women who aim to defy the institutions that try to prevent them from existing authentically and from having the means to do so.

Siera Suazo is a remarkably creative visionary determined to see more women believing they are powerful, competent, and valuable enough in business, at work, and within their personal lives. She strives to help women own their truths and use them as a power source to fuel their multifaceted lives forward. Having experienced caregiver PTSD as a result of serving as a young caregiver to her deceased mom and complex trauma outside of that role, Siera’s lifelong mission is to help women flourish out of their difficult pasts into their futures with an understanding of their value. She also aims to help women center peace, creativity, and rest within their lives.

Siera graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business and communications. Siera is a mental health advocate, skin product lover, and nerd at heart. Currently, she lives in New Jersey with her boo-thang (husband) and Goldendoodle dog son Paxton.