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On Allyship…

The work of an ally is tough.

It’s uncomfortable.

It means confronting truths you feel may have not always been true.

It means unlearning, failing, then relearning.

And it takes a level of commitment that may feel strenuous at times.

As a Black-owned, woman-owned company, we appreciate your effort.

We can’t even express how courageous we feel you are.

Because of your effort, we believe we will see more change within society.

Changes that reflect how truly even we all are.

Changes that depict love, acceptance, and togetherness.

Consequently, Siera Project Co. is not about you.

Don’t misconstrue that.

We accept you and greatly appreciate you.

You are free to partake in any project we create unless stated otherwise.

But our purpose is not to spotlight you.

As an Ally, you must understand and accept this.

You must acknowledge that marginalized groups have been robbed

of spaces like the kinds Siera Project Co. creates.

And that having spaces like these are imperative for marginalized

groups to heal and recover from the injuries and ills

they’ve been forced to endure.

We are not entitled to make you feel comfortable.

It is not our job to hold you accountable for your own

growth on this journey.

It isn’t our job to teach you all you feel you need to know.

We are your partners in this, but your growth is not

solely up to us.

Please sit with this, and find peace with this.

And remember that we love you just the same.

Check back here for resources on allyship, as we’ll be adding some periodically.

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