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Do any of the following apply to you?

☹️You are a DIYer, even when you’re on the brink of burnout.

☹️You compare yourself to how others look and behave and think you should be more like them.

☹️You easily pick up on others’ emotions, but it’s difficult to express yours or perhaps reign yours in.

☹️You don’t know how to say “no”- you will volunteer for stuff or work overtime in a heartbeat.

☹️When things get stressful, you have negative emotional reactions that feel extreme.

☹️You sometimes feel self-doubt, defeat, or like an imposter in your business or in other roles in life.

☹️You want to move forward in your business or creative pursuits but struggle to make progress.


toxicity by working on your emotions, belief system, thoughts, and behaviors. self-worth, and emotions.


your mind so it functions from a positive place that keeps your ego and inner children in check.


your mind, emotions, and body by intentionally focusing on these areas in solitude and community.


self-work and the leadership skills you need to improve to become an even better exceptional leader.


with an improved sense of self-love, respect, and worth by peeling back the layers you’ve worked through to unveil who you’re becoming now.

“The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”


Black Women Encounter Misogynoir Via




& so many other “isms”

And It’s Time They Give Back To Themselves. We’re Going to Help Them Do Just That Since…

We’re Really About That Life 💖

And we’re certainly a vibe! We provide culturally relevant resources for driven Black women who want to feel capable, remain resilient, and tap into their distinctive powers as leaders. Also, we encourage all women leaders to reimagine their leadership styles by prioritizing mental health, self-care, and creativity, and healing trauma. Plus, through our Social Impact Suite, we execute projects and offer services that help social organizations commit to trauma awareness and the inclusivity of Black women and other people of color.

Our Projects

Follow Her Lead Vlog

Black women leaders often face more barriers than women who don’t identify as Black that not only affect their bottom lines but threaten their sanity and livelihoods. However, we believe a marvelous leader is inside of every woman with all the right tools to kick tail in business, no matter her ethnicity. The Follow Her Lead vlog explores just that- how Black women leaders can develop capacity, build resilience, and cultivate their power to unleash their melanated magic! The vlog also offers inspiration and motivation to help women stay on track and not give up on their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Social Impact Suite

Do you own or work for a social impact organization seeking a social media strategy that speaks to a diverse audience and can gather more support for your cause? Are you struggling to appeal to a younger and more diverse population or to expand your reach?

Our Leading Lady


Siera Suazo